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Who's behind the school? Do you have what it takes to succeed? Graduate with profits
If you're starting a new business, does it make more sense to listen to a retired corporate executive or learn from real entrepreneurs with experience starting, building and selling multiple businesses? In the process of surviving our entrepreneurial endeavors, we've collected the best ideas to build a simple, yet robust learning system. More about us. Starting a business takes audacity, determination and hard work. This internal drive known as the entrepreneurial spirit is what sets an entrepreneur apart from the corporate executive or the employee working for someone else. While this spirit is the spark, it is not enough by itself to bring a successful company into being. Most of us have not been prepared by school or experience to start a business. Even after the rigorous curriculum of an MBA, many aren't prepared for pursuing entrepreneurship as a profession. It's easy to get caught in the trap of perpetual preparation that never results in a business being created. The only way to truly graduate as an entrepreneur is with profits.