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Dr. Jerald L. Feinstein

Dr. Jerald L. FeinsteinSchool of Business and Public Management
Department of Management Science
George Washington University

Professor in the School of Business and Public Management, the George Washington University and former Visiting Fellow at Harvard. He serves on the advisory boards of high-technology start-ups, teaches and develops courses in telecommunications and advanced networking technologies, Internet Commerce, and other technology courses within the MBA,Master of Science, and Executive Programs, and is recognized as an international authority on Next Generation Internet applications, telecommunications, Internet-based commerce, technology change management, and artificial intelligence.

Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies and Government Organizations in the areas of telecommunications, Next-Generation Internet applications, and advanced information systems; and was formerly associated with Booz, Allen & Hamilton, The Stanford Research Institute of Stanford University, and MITRE (earlier, a part of MIT Lincoln Labs). Responsible for helping to deploy billion dollar telecommunications, information systems, and IT infrastructure upgrade initiatives.

Recognized author and educator - - editor of several peer reviewed technical journals, delivers a series of technology seminars presented throughout the world, invited lecturer at Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Oxford University, University of Virginia, and American University, and Regional Editor of The Expert Systems Journal.

Consultant to Internet-based startups in the technology and venture capital areas, and served in senior management positions with profit center responsibility in several large corporations. Collaborated closely with the Naisbitt Group (John Naisbitt, Megatrends) to forecast the impact of rapidly changing technology on organizational dynamics and corporate profitability.

Eric J. Gerritsen

Eric J. GerritsenEric J. Gerritsen is Chairman and Founder of Global Internet Advisors, a unit of Global Seed Capital LLC, the Boston-based Internet 2.0 investment and advisory firm.

Prior to starting Global Seed Capital, Mr. Gerritsen was Senior Vice President of Global Alliances for Terra Lycos S.A. and Vice President – International Business Development for Lycos Inc. of Waltham, MA. Lycos was sold to Terra Networks S.A. of Spain in October, 2000. Under his leadership Terra Lycos became one of the largest international Internet media networks in the world, with services in 43 countries and 22 languages, serving over 100 million users.

Mr. Gerritsen has served on the boards of Lycos Europe N.V. (a joint venture with Bertelsmann AG), Lycos Japan Inc. (a joint venture with Sumitomo KK), Lycos Korea Inc. (joint venture with Mirae Corp.), Lycos Asia Pte. (a joint venture with Singapore Telecom Pte.), and Sympatico-Lycos Inc. (a joint venture with Bell Canada).
Currently, Mr. Gerritsen serves as a Director for Recombo Inc. (Vancouver) and Hip Logic Ltd. (Christchurch). Mr. Gerritsen is a former Chairman of the Board of Recombo Inc. and a former Chairman of the Board of Lycos Asia Pte.

Mr. Gerritsen has held a variety of senior editorial and management roles for publishers Plesman Publications Ltd. in Canada and the Asian Sources Media Group in Hong Kong and was the founder of Multimedia Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong). Mr. Gerritsen started multimedia software business units for Longman Asia Ltd. and Philips Media (Asia/Pacific) Ltd., both of Hong Kong. His media experience includes the launch of seven magazines, one newspaper, numerous consumer software titles, and Web sites in all corners of the world.

Mr. Gerritsen holds a BA (Hons) degree in philosophy from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont. and is a regular speaker at Internet, software, and media industry and academic events around the world.

Michael Simmons

Michael SimmonsBusinessWeek's Best Young Entrepreneur

Michael was recently voted as one of Business Week’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25. Michael co-founded his first business, Princeton WebSolutions (PWS), when he was sixteen years old. PWS was later rated the #1 youth-run web development company in the nation by Youngbiz Magazine. In addition, Michael has been the winner of three entrepreneur of the year awards from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Fleet, and the National Coalition for Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship. Together with Sheena Lindahl, they launched Extreme Entrepreneurship Education Corporation in their junior year with the goal of helping young people realize the value of pursuing entrepreneurship through education and outreach.

Michael Simmons Video Interview with Michael Simmons

Theme: Evaluating Your Business Idea
Length: 5 minutes

Interview provided by TrueNYC

Before their Extreme Entrepreneur Tour in the summer of 2006, Lindahl and Simmons spent months interviewing mentors, entrepreneurs, and other successful people, and assembled their findings into a book called "The Student Success Manifesto," which their company published in 2003. Speaking requests started pouring in. After graduating in 2005, the couple launched the Extreme Entrepreneur Tour, a series of speaking engagements at colleges around the country, where they bring along renowned young entrepreneurs to speak to students about pursuing their passion.

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