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Why is collaborative and iterative learning better?

We know that starting a business is not a flawless strategic process the way it's described in those magazines you read on airplanes. For the majority of entrepreneurs starting a business is a messy, confusing and stressful process that evolves iteratively. As the founders of any business learn more about their customers, their own business and about obstacles they never imagined they need to change and adapt. This throws the planning process into disarray. Having a dynamic, evolving planning tool gives you confidence to build a more agile and responsive busines. This process of rapidly changing ideas can be described as "planning by doing" and is different from the traditional planning process.

Startup Business School - Entrepreneurial ResourcesAt the Startup Business School we are acutely aware of this experimental and turbulent process. The school has been founded out of the experiences of real entrepreneurs with real problems and not only on the whiteboards of academia. Unlike traditional schools, there are no assumptions and perfect economies to level the playing field. This is the real world where actual examples are turned into lessons for the next enthusiastic entrepreneur to learn from. Our planning process will guide you through the real world requirements of getting your business going while still providing you with the flexibilty to circle back and revise your plan at any time.

We also know that planning and running a Startup is a collaborative process and not the domain of one person. It is impossible to build a business in isolation and our school brings a host of ways to network, blend, collaborate and question several audiences to find the answers you need. We'll help you connect to the people that will help you start and grow your business.

Better business planning

By learning how to plan then do, plan then do over and over again, you will be able to start your business and learn quicker to avoid taking the wrong path. This "fail faster' approach is an essential skill that gives entrepreneurs the confidence to move forward without having to get all the planets aligned before selling a single product or hour of their services. Our teaching approach is the same. Every student has a different need at a different time and will demand a different lesson. Our website and the services that are connected to it allow our students to access their lessons and learning assets when they need them and at the pace they need them.

So, what's the problem we are solving?

Millions of people start new businesses each year. Unfortunately only a very small percentage will survive the first year. Startup Business School provides the knowledge and tools to succeed during the early stages by providing a step-by-step startup process and range of support services that are appropriate to the stage in the lifecycle of the new business.

We offer an online plannning tool to help you launch and drive forward your project while maximizing potential and actualizing your full company value. We combine our own high standards of expertise with thousands of real-world insights bringing you significant advantages in setting up your business, monitoring your operational goals and maximizing revenue generation.

This is just a fancy way to say we help you get things done!

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