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Help Topics and Frequently Asked Questions

Will my business plan information be secure?
All access to your account at Startup Business School is protected via a username and password. Only once you successfully login to Startup Business School can you access your private business plan. Our site is safely hosted on Mosso, a premium hosting service supported in-turn by the Rackspace Managed Hosting infrastructure.  Rackspace is an industry leader that currently manages over 30,000 servers for customers all over the world.

Can Startup Business School and Mosso really be that secure and also be ‘green’?
Mosso operates our servers in intelligent clusters, which makes them efficient with the infrastructure and power usage. Still, internet operations need electricity, and a majority of that power is generated from coal-burning power plants. Mosso, in partnership with Native Energy, is countering our environmental impact by offsetting the power we use from fossil fuels with renewable energy credits. Mosso is aligned with our goals to make their hosting operation completely carbon neutral.

How does Startup Business School ensure my plan won’t get lost?
To tackle this problem, Mosso uses a radically different approach to hosting. It’s a truly enterprise-level architecture designed from the ground up to be reliable, redundant, and secure. Proprietary technology deploys each website across entire clusters of servers, all working intelligently together, all poised and ready to instantly reroute web traffic should any component experience failure. That means when a server crashes or a hard drive fails, the other servers in the cluster pick up the slack without a byte of lost data.

I thought business plans had to be developed on paper or in PowerPoint?
A business plan is more than the paper it’s presented on. It’s a thought exercise in creating something that can stand up to scrutiny. Using our simple 12-step plan, Startup Business School takes your ideas and provides you with a dynamic plan that you can track and complete. This allows your plan to evolve and grow as your plan improves.

Is there an offline version or one I can download?
No, Startup Business School is only a web based tool that you can access from any web browser. If you need to download your plan, we provide a printable version of your plan.

Can I still use my plan if I don't want to use Startup Business School anymore?
Yes, you can print your plan at any stage by clicking on the “print my business plan” link on your dashboard.

Is the Startup Business School just a project management tool?
No, it’s much more than that. Although there are some functional areas that look and work the same as project management systems, the Startup Business School is also a learning environment complete with video, audio and transcripts of the best entrepreneurial knowledge we can find. At our office we use Startup Business School in conjunction with project management applications like BasecampHQ from 37 Signals.

In the meanwhile, if you have an issue you would like assistance, please contact us.