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Richard Banfield Video Radio Interview with Startup Business School Founder, Richard Banfield

Theme: Entrepreneurial Culture, Advice and the Startup Business School story.
Length: 20 minutes, 43 seconds.
First Aired: September 3rd, 2006 on Career Life Balance, News/Talk 1570AM WPEP.
Startup Group Event - NYC Video Site Launch / Entrepreneur's Startup Group Event - NYC

Last week we held our first live event for the Startup Business School in NYC. Although the event was invitation only we were oversubscribed with requests to join in the event. The event was organized in association with True NYC, The Bootstrapper Group and Drake Life with an exclusively entrepreneurial guest list. Several outstanding and successful entrepreneurs were part of the crowd making it a valuable meeting for everyone. Video from this event is available on
Web Innovators Group - Boston Video Web Innovators Group - Boston

On Wednesday night we were a featured “side dish” at the latest Web Innovators Group meeting. The group is comprised of hundreds of people engaged in internet and mobile innovation in the Boston area. The event was the biggest ever with more than 150 entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and a few wannabe entrepreneurs. The events aim to support entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creative thinkers in the field. We had a great time reconnecting with old friends and lots of new faces. The feedback on the S.U.B.S. site has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve had some brilliant feature suggestions too. One of the presenters at the WebInno meeting was Calabash Music, which is a perfect example of how a niche product is providing a smart solution to musicians around the world.
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