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Startup Business School understands the value of free web based tools. For this reason, we are offering our entire program free of charge. There are no charges or surprises further down the line and you can deactivate your account at anytime.

More about our program

Based on statistics from the National Venture Capital Association, the Small Business Administration and almost any business magazine you pick up these days it's never been easier, cheaper and more rewarding to start a business. While it might be easier than ever to start a business, succeeding is still just as difficult.

At the Startup Business School we've combined the best of business knowledge with a healthy dose of reality to create a roadmap for startup success. Although there are no guarantees on the path to profitability, by following these steps laid out by experienced entrepreneurs and investors you'll have a much greater chance of succeeding.

How long will each lesson take?

About 7 - 8 minutes for each section. Each section has about 4 questions you need to answer. We recommend taking your time on each question to ensure accurate answers. If you need some guidance as to how to answer these questions click on the tips icon ( See tips ) to revel helpful information about the answer you will provide.

What else do I need to get started?

Although we don't require you to buy any particular products or use certain services, we have developed a list of resources that we recommend.

Program Benefits

Experiential Learning

You can read the books, attend the seminars and listen to the podcasts but nothing compares to actually doing it. SUBS has been created to help you get off your butt and start your business.

Real World Guidance

We have spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs, private investors and venture capitalists. You get to learn from their experience and that speeds up your success.

One Place for Everything

The SUBS process stores all the writing, planning, proto-typing and networking in one place. You can also print out your planning pages in preparation for your next big investor or sales pitch.

Share the Adventure

Building a business completely on your own can be challenging and is often unnecessary. No entrepreneur is an island. Meet potential partners, staff, vendors, customers and investors though the SUBS network.