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Getting Started - Recommended Resources

Recommended Business Resources

Accounting Software - We recommend QuickBooks Online or FreshBooks for basic invoicing and timesheets but there are others that cost only a few dollars a month for online access. If you are a virtual team or need 24/7 access we suggest a web based solution. They are cheaper and easier to access than installed programs.

Laptop or Desktop - Ideally you'll need to be a mobile as possible and a laptop provides that flexibility. If you can't afford a new one consider buying a refurbished machine. Dell and HP have great specials running almost constantly. We don't recommend leasing a computer unless you absolutely have to as this will cost you significantly in the long run in both interest payments and possibly service contracts.

Cell phone or smart phone - We don't need to tell you that without this essential tool you'll get very little done. If you are planning on doing all your team collaboration and business development on the phone you'll want to signup for the plan that gives you the most minutes for your buck.

Whiteboard and large format paper - In this high tech age paper is still a killer app. Designs for software, products, notes, charts, retail space designs or whatever you are dreaming of are best discussed visually. This keeps everyone on the same page and avoids those "but I thought it would look like this" conversations. Wireframing all your ideas is a fun and smart way to get things planned without wasting a dime on development or fabrication.

Money - Generally a new credit card will get you started but you'll need to start considering where the money for the next stage will come from. Friends, family and fools are the venture industries way of describing the early stage sources of money. You can learn more about raising or borrowing money at the NVCA website.

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Business Trends

New ideas for businesses are constantly popping up around the world. Trend watching researchers like keep you up to date on what's hip and making money. In many cases you can borrow ideas or concepts to start your own business. Just be sure not to infringe on established patents and trademarks.

Ideas for new businesses

Spingwise follows the most innovative ideas from around the globe. Here are some of the most recent ideas listed in categories:

Eco & Sustainability
Fashion & Beauty
Financial Services
Food & Beverage
Homes & Housing
Life Hacks
Lifestyle & Leisure
Marketing & Advertising
Media & Publishing
Non-profit, Social cause
Style & Design
Telecom & Mobile
Tourism & Travel